Custom Orders

Fairy Clean Soap is happy to make any size custom order for your wedding, baby shower, birthday, presents or for your own use at home.  No order is too small, no order is too large.

In addition to the products in the Shop and Featured Custom Products, Fairy Clean Soap produces a large array of custom designs suitable for special events.  Please complete the form below to begin a custom order.  If you do not have your ideal custom design in mind don't worry, our artist is ready to work with you to create a design inspired by you!


Ann Kausch


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Please select the desired shape. If you do not see a specific shape please choose other and include your thoughts in the text box.
Custom scents can be made available. If you do not see a scent that interests you please select other and include your desired scent in the text box
Please describe the coloration of your soap, for example "swirl of red and blue" or "sparkle green." If you would like assistance with color please enter "Other" and you will be contacted.